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Eat and drink

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This restaurant serves an affordable, copious lunch course that changes monthly. Its healthy and delicious cuisine uses mostly local vegetables. This cozy place is very popular among locals and it’s recommended to make a reservation in adavance. Special arrangements can be made for vegans / vegetarians when you reserve.

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Beach Café & RumBar FAMILIAR

Eat FAMILIAR’s specialty, the “Fugu carpaccio” made with Takahama’s pufferfish, or slowly enjoy sipping a rhum cocktail with a beautiful sea view! They serve a wide range of Japanese and Western-style food and drinks in a laid back atmosphere. Special arrangements can be made for vegetarians if you reserve in advance.

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The bakery ‘PLEASE’ has been baking delicious, typical Japanese-style bread and buns for Takahama locals for years! Do not miss the shop’s famous ‘Cream Torte’: a triangular bread filled with cream cheese and a ‘soul food’ for the locals.