Make your own original souvenir using the original woodcraft technique known as ‘Kumiko’. This decorative woodcraft joins together minusucule pieces of wood without using a single nail to form beautiful patterns, usually used to decorate sliding doors. Nowadays, craftmen who have the knowledge on how to make Kumiko art are slowly disappearing. Your teacher, Ms. Satomi Domoto, is from a family of craftsmen in Takahama. With her, make your own personal key charm as a souvenir of Japan and its craftsmen.

Activity Information

Craft your own souvenir using ‘Kumiko’ (Japanese woodcraft technique)
Capacity 2-10 people
Duration Approx. 30 minutes
Operation hours 10:00AM – 3:00PM * On request
Price 2,000 yen / person
* Material, equipment, teaching fee

Facility and Others

What to bring None
Free WiFi Not available
Smoking / Non-smoking Non-smoking area
Western toilet None
Parking None
Pick up service Not available
Deadline of reservations We recommend booking a few days in advance (feel free to ask)