Meet Master Kaku, a young and talented calligraphy artist from Takahama who has exhibited his work in various countries. First he will introduce you to ‘sumi-nagashi’, a technique using colored inks to dye Japanese traditional paper. Then he will assist you in writing the word of your choice with a writing brush and ink. Master Kaku will help you select the Japanese character and the style most suitable for the concept you would like to express, and he will guide you in making an original art piece which you can then take home with you.

Activity Information

Learn a paper dyeing technique and Japanese calligraphy
Capacity Max. 10 people
Duration 2 hours
Operation hours 9:30AM – 11:30AM / 1:30PM – 3:30PM
Business hours 9:00AM – 4:00PM
Closed day(s) Wednesday
Price 3,000 yen / person
* Material, equipment, teaching fee
* Free for children under 2 years old
Address 104-5-16, Wada, Takahama-cho Oi-gun, Fukui, 919-2201, Japan

Facility and Others

What to bring None
Free WiFi Available
Smoking / Non-smoking Outdoor smoking available
Western toilet Yes
Parking 2 cars
Pick up service Available (to and from Wakasa-Wada station)
Deadline of reservations Reservations possible on the same day depending on availability